Unrush Application

An app to help you slow down your morning routine. Unrush connects to your smart home devices and utilizes them to provide a relaxing morning routine that fits your values. We take the stress out of your morning routine by organizing and eliminating simple tasks so that you can have time to enjoy yourself.

ELISAVA School of Design and Engineering
October 15, 2019
Based In
Barcelona, Spain
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The Reasoning

The overall assignment for this project was to design something that affects the morning routine. After much thought was put into what part of my morning I would like to alter, I found myself realizing that time is the biggest asset of people's morning. The challenge I took on in creating this project was to find a way to slow down the morning routine optimizing the time between your bed and your door. I had the idea of utilizing smart home technology to do this. There are many scheduling applications as well as smart home applications available on the app store, but none that combine the two. I saw an opportunity to create a one of a kind application that could change the way people treated their morning

The Design Process.

Above is the Illustration found in campaign poster

I decided to go use a geometric style of illustration for the branding of Unrush. After experimenting with different grids and guides, I settled on a combination of a standard square grid with the features of circles at the intersects. All of the lines and curves of the branding fit tightly into this grid. From there I played with colors until landing on an unorthodox playful yet professional palette.

Pictured above is the grid and its usage

After deciding on the branding aesthetics of Unrush, I continued to do research on the current possibilities of smart home technology and how they could be implemented in the application. Once I gathered the necessary information to create the platform, I began creating the wireframes of the application. My process while doing this was walking through the users journey through the application and visualizing the interactions they would have with the platform. after doing so I compiled some of my design work into what you can see in the project gallery.