The City Of Book Series

"The City Of" is a series of booklets about cities across the United States. Each booklet is inspired by a cities nickname, and goes into detail about the history and landmarks of that city. Featured inside each booklet is a three dimensional layered illustration of famous spots in a city that you can flip through page by page.

Virginia Commonwealth University
March 1, 2019
Based In
Virginia, United States
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The Reasoning

This series of booklets was created for a typography class at VCU. The project was to create a series of booklets based on found language. The found language that I decided to expand on were cities and their nicknames. I was interested in how these cities got their nicknames and what the meaning behind them were. I heavily utilized laser engraving in this series of booklets and really pushed the limits of what was possible with 100 lb cover stock. Overall, this project taught me a lot of things about typography, both display type and type setting. I pushed myself to think differently about my illustrations and how they would be translated to laser engraved paper as well as how they would layer on top of each other. I'm happy with how the series turned out and would love to expand on the booklets more in the future!

Below is a video showing a flip through of publication