Hermes Cookie Packaging

This project was created for a packaging design class at ELISAVA. I was assigned a brand and challenged to create two packaging proposals for cookies. Hermes was my assigned brand and I decided to take two very separate approaches to the packaging in each of my proposals. One more masculine, and one more elegant. I had a great time working on this project, and look forward to working on more packaging projects in the future.

November 18, 2019
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The Reasoning

For my 1st proposal I chose a group of famous chefs. Each chef has their unique graphics. The graphic style is playful, modern and colorful drawing inspiration from Hermes approach to their scarf designs, the chefs region of origin, and the chefs personality or background. The primary packaging is made of high quality cardboard, similar to their usual packaging for other products. Then the interior “lid” that unveils each cookie, is patterned to differentiate each chefs cookie. The inner lid contains the chefs name and origin, while the outside sleeve of the packaging contains a brochure containing a short background and history of the chef. For my second proposal the graphic style drew inspiration from cigar, whiskey, and other traditional understated but embellished graphic styles. The housing for the cookies is a black lacquered wooden box with a golden sword lock fastening it closed. The interior patterned graphic is inspired by the whiskey flavored cookies. Inside is also found a small circler pamphlet with information about cookies as well as ingredients and nutrition facts.