Ealai Inc.

The following work was created during my past internship for Ealai Inc. I worked to develop the brand identity and style-guidelines for the company and also many printed and digital assets.

Ealai Inc.
September 19, 2018
Based In
Tysons Corner, Virginia, United States
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The Reasoning

This Job was an amazing learning experience for me. I learned how to design in a professional environment working alongside professionals from different backgrounds. Designing alongside a talented UX/UI Design team, a group of writers, developers, and marketing experts gave me a great understanding about the tole of a designer in a tech company. My presentation and pitching skills were sharpened, as I was responsible for making style-scapes, branding proposals, and mood boards. This experience made me learn how to price my work as well. Giving me a knowledge of how much to charge for my time and design work.

I had the opportunity of working on creating the visual identity for a social media campaign for Ealai. The logo, strategy, assets and posts were all designed by myself. Below is an image summarizing some of the things that I designed for this campaign.

Identity Stylescape, Logo, Icons and Illustration