Barbecue Skateboards

Barbecue Skateboards is a local skateboard and apparel company that I started in high school and still run to this day. I design graphics, run socials, and manage production and sales of product for the company. It's been an awesome learning experience and has a great community of skateboarders behind it.

Barbecue Skateboards
July 25, 2018
Based In
Fairfax Virginia
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The Reasoning

I've been designing skateboards, apparel, stickers, flyers and more for Barbecue Skateboards for around 4 years now, and I have learned a lot helping run the company. Being a local company that is active in the community made me really learn a lot about the day to day workings of a small business. A big challenge for me with Barbecue has been production. Testing many different printshops and woodshops to get the right quality products took alot of trial and error to get the results we were looking for.