Electrify America Earth Day


Graphic designer


Keko Washington


This project was an Earth Day Campaign for Electrify America and Electrify Canada.

Art Direction

To promote Electrify America giving free charging away to users on Earth day, we were challenged to create unique and captivating campaign strategy and imagery. The driving art direction for this campaign was renderings of Electrify America's chargers having flowers and plants grow out of their signature green glow. The chargers, scenes, and animations were all built in Blender.

Social Media

One of the large aspects of promoting this campaign was social media. The campaign utilized paid and organic social across all major channels (IG, TW, LI, FB, etc.) on both Electrify America and Electrify Canada’s social profiles.

HMI Screens

Every Electrify charger in both Canada and the United States featured a unique screensaver design for the days leading up to Earth Day and Earth Day itself. This screen informed the customer about the promotion and also drove users to share their charging experience on social media.

Instagram Filter

To help promote user generated content, an Instagram filter was developed to coincide with the campaign. The filter tracked to Electrify America’s chargers and featured an animated effect of flowers and foliage growing out of the charger.

Landing Pages

Landing pages were created for Electrify America and Electrify Canada to serve as informational hubs for the campaign. These pages summarized the different promotions offered and provided details about when and where they could be used.


A series of promotional emails were utilized for both the American and Canadian customer base to drive traffic to the campaigns landing page, promotions, and Electrify's charging network.


Leading art direction and design on a large campaign like this was a great challenge and learning experience. Over the many projects I've worked on for Electrify America this one in particular had a wide scope of deliverables to be built in both English and French Canadian. Overall, this campaign pushed my working knowledge of Blender/3-D animation to new levels, and exposed me to the workflows used in Spark AR to create social media filters.