Bentley Americas


Graphic designer


Keko Washington


This project was a programatic ad campaign for Bentley Retailers across the United States.

Seek Spontaneity

The task was to take photography we gathered from a content creator, and bring the assets to life in a retailer campaign. Working within the parameters of the established brand and their many retailers, the goal was to execute a unique, inspiring, and simple graphic treatment that could span across digital and print applications.

Digital Banners

The brief called for 4 tiers of animated programatic banners to promote Retailer Test Drives. These banners spanned across 6 different sizes and were meant to reach customers at different points in their Bentley journey.

Social Media

For social media, We created assets to be used in paid advertisements and organic social posts. These assets were used by Bentley Motors and provided to all Bentley Retailers in the United States to be used to promote test drives of the Bentley Range.


We built out numerous email activations for Bentley US Retailers promoting test drives. These emails were separated by vehicle model and the point in the customers journey.


Working with brands like Bentley is always fun and challenging. Over the many projects I've worked on for Bentley this one in particular taught me the processes and industry standards of larger media buys and ad campaigns.